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Wedding at Kumbhalgarh Fort in Udaipur

Kumbhalgarh Fort is situated in Rajasmand which is 64kms from Udaipur. This fort is unconquered till date and is surrounded by Aravali Range. It was built in 15th century by Maharana Kumbha from where the fort’s name was derived.

Surrounded by thirteen high mountain peaks, the fort is built in the topmost ridge about, 1,914 meters above sea level. The walls of the fort is said to be the second longest wall in the world after ‘Great wall of China’. The fort comprises of number of palaces, temples and gardens.

Kumbhalgarh Fort is has seven massive gates, seven ramparts entwined with one another and the walls are strongly build which made it unbeatable to conquer. The massive walls are broad enough to hold eight horses side by side. There are about 360 temples inside the complex of the fort. Amongst them Shiva temple is very famous one.

The other major attraction of the fort is the palace placed on the top of structure, the palace is named as Palace of Cloud or ‘Badal Mahal’ , this is also the place where great warrior Maharana Pratap was born. The palace consists of beautiful decorated rooms with color combination of turquoise, green and white which is in contrast with the colors of the walls.

Rana Fateh Singh in late 19th century again rebuilt the remarkable palace. In past the fort has offers refugee to the rulers of Mewar. Kumbhalgarh Fort has many legends attached to it and so it is worth seeing and exploring the fort.